June, 2017: ICE LAW Project Sessions at the International Congress of Arctic Social Science (Umeå)

On 8 June, the ICE LAW Project hosted a pair of sessions at the International Congress of Arctic Social Science, in Umeå, Sweden.

The first session featured the following papers:

  1. Gavin Bridge – Economising Arctic Natures
  2. Kristen L. Shake – (Un)frozen Boundaries: Examining the Role of Sea Ice in the Socio-Legal Dynamics of the Bering and Beaufort Seas
  3. Aldo Chircop – Ship Reporting and Routeing in Arctic Waters: Practices, Trends and Lessons
  4. Claudio Aporta, Aldo Chircop, Kate Coddington, Stephanie C. Kane and Leah Beveridge,  – Mobilities and Migrations in Northern Chokepoints: Navigating Risks and Setting Priorities in Geographically Conflicted Areas
  5. Anna Stammler-Gossmann – Arctic Fisheries: Puzzle of Sustainability in a Shifting Environment

The second session comprised a panel discussion to evaluate lessons learned from the project to date and, more generally, the challenges and opportunities that emerge when southern institutional, legal, and social norms are extended to the world’s frozen regions.