July 2016: ICE LAW Project relaunches

After a one-year delay where various legal issues were ironed out, the ICE LAW Project has begun to implement its three-year program of workshops, meetings, and conferences, to be supported by a Leverhulme Trust grant that runs from July 2016 through June 2019.

In preparation for this relaunching, the Migrations and Mobilities subprojects have been merged, now to be co-led by Claudio Aporta, Aldo Chircop, Kate Coddington, and Stephane Kane. Also Amy Duff has joined the project’s team as its Durham-based Network Facilitator.

The ICE LAW Project plans to sponsor sessions at the 2017 International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences as well as the 2017 Nordic Geographers Meeting, and tentative plans are also to organise a major conference (probably in Durham) in 2019. Additionally, the five subprojects will each be sponsoring a number of workshops and community meetings over the three-year duration of the grant. Check back on this website for further details as meeting dates and topics are announced.