News Archives

Workshop Report from ‘Anticipating Abundance: Economizing the Arctic’ (May 2017)

Workshop Report from Territory in Indeterminate and Changing Environments (May 2017)

Seminar Report from Rethinking Perspectives on Arctic Issues in 2017 (April 2017)

 Workshop Report from Laws and Regulations Currently Guiding Human Behaviour in Icy Environments (April 2017)

ICE LAW Project Sponsoring Sessions at Arctic Social Science & Nordic Geographers Meetings in Sweden, June 2017 (December 2016)

Workshop on Community Infrastructure and Arctic Search & Rescue: Announcement (November 2016) | Report (December 2016)

ICE LAW Project relaunches (July 2016)

From Ice Law to ICE LAW: briefing note in Arctic Yearbook 2015 (October 2015)

ICE LAW Project: news story on UArctic website (October 2015)

ICE LAW Project Receives Funding from Leverhulme Trust (June 2015)

The Workshop on the Ice-Land-Water Interface (June 2014)

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