Photo by United States Fish & Wildlife Service

The ICE LAW Project began with an inaugral workshop, International Law, State Sovereignty, and the Ice-Land-Water interface, in June 2014. Just one year later, we secured an International Networks Programme Grant from the Leverhulme Trust to expand the Project’s connections through a series of collaborative meetings. Between 2016 and 2019, we will host a variety of workshops, conference sessions, roundtables and talking circles throughout the UK and the Arctic Nations.

Highlights from 2016 included a Talking Circle on Local Engagement in Search and Rescue at Sand Point, Alaska. In 2017, we have thus far held meetings in Rovaniemi, Halifax, Durham, Amsterdam and Warwick. We also sponsored sessions at ICASS and NGM.

Please explore these pages to find out more about the development of the Project.

Some of these news stories refer refer to projects initiated by individual members of the ICE LAW Project team and do not necessarily represent views of the Project as a whole.


News 2019

News 2018

News Archives 2017

News Archives 2016

News Archives 2014-15

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