18-21, June 2017: ICE LAW Project Session at the Nordic Geographers Meeting (Stockholm)

ICE LAW Session

14:15 – 17:00, 19 June 2017, at the Nordic Geographers Meeting, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University (Frescati Campus, Room Y22), Stockholm, Sweden

1. Stuart Elden, The Materiality of Territory
2. Justiina Dahl, The Material Moral Purpose of the State: International Epistemic Authority Structure and the Northwards Expansion of the European International Society
3. Philip Steinberg, Berit Kristoffersen and Kristen Shake, Edges and Flows: Exploring Legal Materialities and Biophysical Politics at the Sea Ice Edge
4. Johanne Bruun, Terrain, Mobility, and Cold War Military Logistics on the Greenland Ice Sheet
5. Claudio Aporta, Aldo Chircop, Kate Coddington, Stephanie C. Kane and Leah Beveridge, Mobilities and Migrations in Northern Chokepoints: Navigating Risks and Setting Priorities in Geographically Confined Areas
6. Aldo Chircop, Is There Need to Rethink the ‘Rules of the Road’? Challenges for the International Navigation Rules in Arctic Waters

Further programme announcements will appear on the NGM website in due course.