Indigenous & Local Perspectives

Photo by Scott Lough, some rights reserved.

Photo by Scott Lough, some rights reserved.

The Indigenous and Local Perspectives subproject (Jessica Shadian and Anna Stammler-Gossmann, co-leaders) targets specific areas of concern to coastal indigenous and local communities across the Arctic for whom the polar environment constitutes a customary space or whose livelihood may be influenced by changing physicality of the environment. The interests of coastal communities, including local hunters and gatherers, indigenous corporations, indigenous governments, and aboriginal owned commercial enterprises, often differ from the priorities of government agencies, intergovernmental international and regional organisations, or the commercial sector. Trends associated with climate change and the subsequent pressure on and accessibility of Arctic resources prompt the need to incorporate indigenous and local knowledge, as well as gaps in community participation more generally, into interdisciplinary research agendas such as the ICE LAW Project.

This subproject brings together community partners to address local issues that relate to project themes of territory, resources, mobility, migration, and law, focusing on a specific concern in a defined Arctic subregion. Subproject activities are designed to:

  1. help identify related environmental changes as well as risks and opportunities relevant for political and legal decision-making;
  2. contribute to development of appropriate regulatory regimes or new institutional arrangements;
  3. contribute to development of mechanisms for adequate participation by local and indigenous communities in all aspects of such regulatory and regimes or institutional arrangements; and
  4. consider how different kinds of knowledges could be better integrated into future Arctic coastal or maritime management regimes.

Previous events

Talking Circle on Local Engagement in Search and Rescue (Sand Point, Alaska, December 2016)

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