Final Conference Programme


Final Conference

Held in conjunction with the summer school of the Durham Arctic Research Centre for Training and Interdisciplinary Collaboration (DurhamARCTIC)

 25-27 April 2019

Rooms ED310 and ED314

School of Education Building

Durham University

Durham, UK




1630-1700 – Registration

1700-1915 – Opening session

  • Welcome – Philip Steinberg
  • Keynote 1: Resilience under Rapid Climate and Land Use Change in Arctic Social-Ecological Systems: An Emphasis on Northwest Eurasia – Bruce Forbes (University of Lapland)
  • Keynote 2: Deciphering the Secrets of Polar Ice in the Book of Nature – Michael Bravo (Cambridge University)

1915 – Reception and initial meeting of DurhamARCTIC students, followed by dinner for all



0900-1030 – Poster presentations by Early Career Researchers attending DurhamARCTIC summer school

1030-1130 – Coffee break / Viewing of DurhamARCTIC posters

1130-1315 – Paper session 1: Freshwater Ice and its Materialities

  • An International Water Law Approach to Ice – Imad Ibrahim (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • A Moving Border: Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change – Andrea Bagnato, Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual (Italian Limes Project)
  • The Sublimity of Sublimating Ice: Critiquing Climate Change Narratives as Ruin Appreciation – Mia Bennett (University of Hong Kong)
  • The Materiality of Icebergs, Resource Sovereignty and the Case for Governance – Corine Wood-Donnelly (Uppsala University)
  • The Role of Geological Reconstructions in Contemporary Regulation and Governance in Northern Alberta – Jeremy Schmidt (Durham University)

1315-1400 – Lunch

1400-1530 – Paper session 2: Knowing Northern Natures: Predicting and Designing Sustainable Futures

  • The Anticipatory Protection of Ice-Dependent Species: Emerging Legal Approaches to the Challenges of Melting Habitats – David Caddell (University of Cardiff)
  • Circumpolarity and the Trophic Architecture of Ice: Animals in Ecology and Law – Stephanie Kane (Indiana University)
  • Inuit Knowledge and Data: An Exploration of Data Harmonization and Knowledge Integration in the Eastern Canadian Arctic – Claudio Aporta (Dalhousie University)
  • Towards Sustainability of Arctic Indigenous Communities: Benefit Sharing Arrangements in the Russian North and Alaska – Maria Tysiachniouk (Centre for Independent Social Research / Durham University)

1530-1545 – Coffee break

1545-1715 – Paper session 3: Legal Institutions…and Beyond

  • Is There a Relationship between UNDRIP and UNCLOS? – Aldo Chircop (Dalhousie University), Timo Koivurova (University of Lapland), Krittika Singh (University of Lapland)
  • Implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in the Arctic: Indigenous Autonomy, Contractual Approach, and Space – Yu Long (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • An Inquiry into the Social Territories of Outer Space: Territory, Reductionism, and the Risk of State-Centrism in the Governance of Outer Space – Maria Manoli (McGill University)
  • International Law and State Responsibility – Private and Autonomous Operations in the Arctic and Outer Space – Elena Cirkovic (Helsinki University)

1715-1815 – Keynote 3: Permafrost and Sustainability Near the Western Arctic Coast of Canada – Chris Burn (Carleton University)

1930 – Dinner for ICE LAW subproject leaders. All other attendees are on their own.



0900-1000 – Keynote 4: Indigenous Sovereignty: its depth and breadth – Rachael Lorna Johnstone (University of Akureyri / University of Greenland)

1000-1030 – Coffee break

1030-1230 – What We’ve Learned about Ice and ICE: ICE LAW Subproject Leaders’ Roundtable / Open Discussion

1230-1400 – Lunch



Note: The public conference concludes at 1400 on Saturday 27 April. The DurhamARCTIC summer school continues through 1300 on Sunday 28 April. The ICE LAW Project subproject leaders’ working meeting continues until the evening of Sunday 28 April.



Ice Law ColourAbout the ICE LAW Project (

The ICE LAW Project investigates the potential for a legal framework that acknowledges the complex geophysical environment in the world’s frozen regions and explores the impact that an ice-sensitive legal system would have on topics ranging from the everyday activities of Arctic residents to the territorial foundations of the modern state. The ICE LAW Project is convened by IBRU: the Centre for Borders Research at Durham University, with sponsorship from the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law and funding from a Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant. The ICE LAW Project’s leadership team consists of Philip Steinberg (Director, Durham), Kate Coddington (Associate Director, Albany), Claudio Aporta (Dalhousie), Gavin Bridge (Durham), Aldo Chircop (Dalhousie), Stuart Elden (Warwick), Stephanie Kane (Indiana), Timo Koivurova (Lapland), Jessica Shadian (Toronto), and Anna Stammler-Gossmann (Lapland).


Picture1About DurhamARCTIC (

DurhamARCTIC is a doctoral and training research centre established in recognition that the Arctic is a complex region that requires interdisciplinary interpretation and understanding. It currently hosts the Leverhulme Trust-funded Doctoral Training Programme in Interdisciplinary Understanding for a Changing Arctic, which is supporting 15 doctoral students at Durham University, each of whom is pursuing a research project that contributes to and benefits from a blend of disciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary enquiry. Four DurhamARCTIC students began their studies in 2018 and six will be joining in 2019, with another five to be recruited for 2020. The 2019 DurhamARCTIC Summer School joins the ten students from the first and second cohorts with an additional fifteen Early Career Researchers from around the world. The Summer School is being led by DurhamARCTIC Associate Director Bob Baxter (Associate Professor of Biosciences at Durham University).



Conference organisers wish to thank IBRU administrator Liz Buxton and DurhamARCTIC administrator Jennifer Gadouleau for their assistance.


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