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Ice complicates a world view where solid, stable land is positioned opposite liquid, mobile water. Ice melts and freezes; it breaks apart and moves; it has both land-like and water-like social properties; its edges are unclear. Ice is as challenging for international lawyers, boundary practitioners, and political theorists as it is for geoscientists and global environmental policymakers.

The planet has experienced another record hot year; scientists announced and warned that along with the temperatures, the concentration of greenhouse gasses, the main cause of human-caused global warming, is also increasing. Human-induced climate change is already causing numerous cases of extreme weather in all regions of the planet. Moreover, according to scientists, the Earth's entire climate system is changing, and these changes are affecting the atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets, and surface of the Earth. Global warming is an important aspect that requires detailed study. Experts from the best essay writing service have already written a lot of papers on this topic.

The ICE LAW Project investigates the potential for a legal framework that acknowledges the complex geophysical environment in the world’s frozen regions and explores the impact that an ice-sensitive legal system would have on topics ranging from the everyday activities of Arctic residents to the territorial foundations of the modern state.
The ICE LAW Project is convened by IBRU: the Centre for Borders Research at Durham University, with sponsorship from the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law and funding from a Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant.
As we opened a Call for Papers for ICE LAW Final Conference, we decided to outline a few tips and hints for potential writers below. This is to remind you how to write a law paper, what to avoid when drafting your legal analysis essay, and how to improve your writing significantly just in a day. Check the Law Project tips, and do not hesitate to reach out to us once your paper is ready.

What is a legal essay?

Before you start shaping your essay topic, searching for laws to back up your position on a certain case, and so on, you need to figure out what a legal analysis essay is. Without understanding the task and its peculiarities, you will hardly manage to carry out this type of writing.
A legal analysis essay is a paper where the writer resolves a case with the application of a certain rule and provides their reasoning on why this very rule is relevant in the assigned situation. Sounds simple? Believe us, it is not. And you will get to know why once you start working on your paper yourself. To make the writing process easier, we advise you to apply our tips and contact the HandmadeWriting service if you need any help. Just strart with write my essay for me.

How to write a legal analysis?

The tips below are presented in order of importance meaning that you need to follow them one-by-one to create a proper law essay. Once you finish writing your first draft, feel free to review our tips, and check how you followed them once again.

Show off your expertise in the topic

First of all, to write a strong legal analysis paper, you need to understand the core topic of your assignment. Figuring out what you are asked to write may take even longer than you think: you can spend a day or two breaking your topic title down into smaller parts to reveal the central question of your paper. If the legal essay topics sound too broad to you and you are allowed to formulate them the way you want, do not hesitate to narrow them down so that they could be concrete and short.
After you shaped your paper title, make sure you know how to approach the task. Keep in mind, you are not asked to write about something you don’t know. You already have all the necessary expertise to resolve the assigned case. Thus, refresh the knowledge you have gained recently and search for the connection between it and your legal essay topic. Take as many notes as needed, draw mind maps - do everything that helps you to show your comprehension of the laws suitable for the particular legal case.

Pay attention to logic

If you are a first-year law student, you may feel trouble getting used to the way lawyers think and analyze cases. Consequently, you need to be extra attentive when it comes to putting your thoughts in writing. A successful law essay writer will never let their emotions and personal feelings leak into the legal case analysis. Everything you have as a future lawyer is a situation to solve and laws to put into action. Do not overlook this issue when writing your paper for our Conference. In the ICE LAW Project, we highly appreciate the student’s ability to reason and write logically, so do your best to provide a logically written paper to be chosen for participation in our event.

Use formal language

Another thing that beginner paper writer often forget when it comes to writing a legal paper is their language and style. Here, you cannot lay out your thoughts and ideas in a casual speech. Your writing style cannot be informal as well. Hence, when editing your first draft, make sure that your paper sounds professionally written in formal legal language constructions. Remove all the unnecessary adjectives and epithets from your text since they are not informative in law writing. Your essay should sound simple and formal at the same time.

Demonstrate your insight properly

Finally, one of the most important things in creating a winning legal analysis is the ability to present your approach to a particular case interesting for the audience. Once you know how to resolve the given situation, think about the following: have I chosen the most trivial rule to resolve my case? How would the majority of my class approach this task? Is there any way to apply other laws and get the most out of the trial for either party? These questions may give a few more ideas on the case resolution to you.

What is the legal essay format?

The last but not the least important issue we wanted to remind you of is a legal analysis structure. With this in mind, you will have no chance to drift to the standard academic essay structure and fail your legal essay.
The first part of the legal essay is an introduction. Unlike the opening part of other essays, the legal analysis introduction aims at presenting the case for resolution. Here, you cannot use any hooks, jokes, quotes, or other methods to make your reader interested in your paper. If the audience is reading your case, it is already meaningful to them, e.g. they are in a similar situation.
The second legal analysis essay part is the rule that will be applied to find a way out of the case. You need to mention the law edition that contains the needed rule, its part, and the paragraph that you will apply to resolve the dispute. Also, provide your position and explanation of the rule relevance.
The third part is a law application. Present the mechanism of putting the rule into action here so that your reader could understand how the case would be resolved in practice. The last thing you need to do is to wrap up your writing with the conclusion. Briefly summarize your approach to the issue here, and mention the results of your work. The above-mentioned structure is a modified IRAC method applied to law school assignments. Any online essay helper service uses it to complete the law essay orders today.